Organ procurement in China - DICG members share their personal perspectives

Hepatobiliary Surgery and Nutrition

2015, 4(2)

Members of the DICG have contributed commentaries on organ procurement policy in China in the most recent issue of the journal Hepatobiliary Surgery and Nutrition. These can be freely accessed courtesy of the journal via the links below:

Gabriel M. Danovitch and Francis L. Delmonico. 'China on the brink: there is hope for the end of their use of executed prisoner organs.'

Vivekanand Jha. 'Reforms in organ donation in China: still to be executed?'

Rudolf García-Gallont. 'Organ procurement from executed prisoners in China.'

Dominique E. Martin and Annika Tibell. 'Implementation of China's new policies on organ procurement: an important but challenging step forward.'

The main article referenced in these commentaries counts another DICG member among its authors:

A. Sharif, M. Fiatarone Singh, T. Trey, and J. Lavee. 'Organ procurement from executed prisoners in China.' American Journal of Transplantation. 2014, 14(10): 2246-52.

This is also freely available courtesy of AJT.


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